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Equipment and materials

Printing equipment plays an important role in the printing of high-quality labels. The Evroflex printing company employs the most innovative printing and finishing machines of the world's best manufacturers, who profess the philosophy of innovative developments, setting a new standard for EFFICIENCY, QUALITY, PERFORMANCE, and FLEXIBILITY.

THE QUALITY of printing should be the highest level. The technological solutions used by us provide excellent label printing and fully satisfy the wishes of our customers.

THE EFFICIENCY of our printing equipment makes it possible to produce any print run in the shortest possible time. Our machines are equipped with the most modern systems, allowing printing the label with maximum speed and high quality.

FLEXIBILITY of our equipment allows you to work with every machine with any spectrum of materials. Using the most advanced finishing technologies helps to adapt to any market demands now and in the future.

We annually introduce advanced technologies and supplement the technical base, which helps us to outstrip and form trends in the field of printing. MPS Equipment "Evroflex" is able to print labels up to 15 colors per passing. In production, machines for finishing processes and printing of simpler labels also work. In addition to printing equipment, our printing company has its own plate room and a separate rewind production department.