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Printing of products Printing of products

The company "Euroflex" is perfectly aware of the importance of "beautiful clothes" for the goods. And that's why the most basic kind of our activity is manufacturing self-adhesive labels. Self-adhesive labels are used in many industries and trade. Self-adhesive labels are the most practical way to distinguish your product from others and instantly show the buyer your advantages. Flexography offers the widest possibilities in printing and finishing, turning your product into an effective advertising and information medium. An attractive and high-quality label is an integral part of the success of your products in the sales market.

Flexographic printing

The printing house "Euroflex" specializes in printing labels and stickers on various self-adhesive materials using flexographic printing since 2001.

Flexographic printing

Flexo printing in "Evroflex" is the main way to print labels. This is one of the most modern and basic methods of printing to date. With the help of rapid polymerization paints, you can print on a variety of surfaces regardless of the type of material. We possess a very modern multicolor equipment, which allows us to apply up to 15 colors in one print run. Labels printed by this method are used in a variety of areas.

Stencil screen printing (silkgraphy)

Stencil screen printing (silkgraphy) is a high-tech printing method. With the help of silkgraphy printing we have the opportunity to seal papers, textiles, synthetic and many other materials. This method allows to obtain wide technological opportunities for working with the label. For example, a bright and dense ink layers, a relief tactile image, wide use of varnishes and paints with special effects. Technical capabilities of the printing company "Evroflex" allow to apply simultaneously up to 6 colors with a stencil screen printing way. In combination with flexographic printing, the possibilities in design are practically unlimited.