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Post-print finishing Post-print finishing

Self-adhesive labels are not only an element of decorating the appearance of goods, but also a very good advertising tool, which allows to significantly increase the sale of goods. The main purpose of the self-adhesive label is to attract the buyer's attention to a particular product. The company "Evroflex" is pleased to offer many options for standard and exclusive post-print finishing. Our printing plant has a wide range of possibilities for finishing the self-adhesive label, which makes it possible to realize any design intentions and to perform technologically complex works qualitatively.


Post-print finishing of the label improves its consumer and protective properties, gives an exclusive look and distinguishes from the total mass.

  • Foil blocking (hot, cold and volumetric): gives the label an exclusive look and distinguishes product among a wide range of ones. A wide range of color foil from monochromatic to holographic.
  • Silkfoil (three-dimensional embossing): an ultra-modern technology that allows you to emphasize the individuality and originality of your label. Convex height possible up to 300 microns. The ability to create volume on materials that are not susceptible to hot stamping, for example, on films.
  • Flat stencil with a convex height up to 300 microns. Ability to create lines up to 0.1 mm. Inimitable brilliance and volume. Ability to use glitter for finishing
  • Selective or full varnishing: gives the image a high-quality shine, increases the resistance to abrasion, the product becomes more presentable and noticeable;
  • Perforation and die-cut of closed contours. Multi-level die-cut is used to create design elements with a detach here on the label; in promo-stickers with a in layers structure of materials, as well as in protective labels for controlling the opening of the final product;
  • Multilayer lamination by different plastic sheet: lamination with white and metallized plastic sheets allows to produce a label with the image not only of the outer side, but also from the side of the adhesive layer.
  • Selective lamination: the basis of this technology is that individual design elements located on the base material are laminated by special technology with other material. This innovation allows you to combine different materials on the label, which greatly expands the visual capabilities of your products;
  • One of the latest technologies of the printing company "Evroflex", introduced by our company for the first time in Russia in 2013, can be considered the combination of different materials on one backing liner. This gives great opportunities in a combination of materials, which can vary according to the wishes of our partners.
  • The printing company "Evroflex" is pleased to offer its customers a line of aromatic labels with various smells. In the production of these labels, we offer two manufacturing options. The first technology provides for the presence of varnishes with embedded capsules. Under the influence of friction on the label, the capsules are destroyed, releasing the odor. The second technology is the use of oil fragrances. A small part of the perfume is placed in a sealed sticker made of neutral materials. Its special design provides for multiple opening and closing for inhaling odor.
  • Printing on the adhesive layer in several colors is used to display text, design picture from the adhesive (reverse) side or partial deactivation of the adhesive layer;
  • We are pleased to offer partners the technology of individual numbering by ink or foil printing for each label. In addition to this standard operation, there is a unique technological possibility of numbering by color inks. Beyond that, for a higher level of protection, we have developed a technical novelty - the numbering on the adhesive layer. Combinations of such technologies in this process make it possible to achieve uniqueness of labeling and excellent protection of your products from possible counterfeits.