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Production of multi-layer labels Production of multi-layer labels

To date, there are many different types of multi-layer labels. For the manufacture of such labels from standard materials, special adaptations are used on machines, and also ready-made special materials are used. Use of the label-book is the most optimal solution if you need to place on the label a large amount of information or simply give your product an original look. Thanks to modern equipment, we offer our customers the production of multi-layer labels (label-books) of any shape and with any print.


Thanks to modern equipment, we offer the manufacture of multi-layer labels (label-books) of any shape, different printing and finishing.

Recently, there has been a tendency to increase the amount of textual information on the label. The printing company "Evroflex" is pleased to offer its partners the best way out of this situation, namely, the so-called "multi-page" (booklet) label method. Thanks to this technology, we can place the number of text marks required for consumers on a limited label space.