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Ecologically, readability, "appetency" - these are three pillars of the production of labels for food. Based on all these principles, the printing company "Evroflex" provides a comprehensive approach to the creation of labels. These immutable laws of functionality "Evroflex" is ready to supplement with unexpected design techniques. Practicality and exclusivity is our forte.

Depending on the type of product, we offer you individual solutions:

  • Labels for meat and sausage products should provide a good recognizability, flawlessly carry over different temperature regimes.
  • The labels for fish and meat stored in deep freezing conditions must have a stable appearance at all temperatures.
  • Labels for fish preserves and sea delicacies should be protected from greasy stains, so for such containers they are made of special materials and contain a protective layer.
  • Labels for dairy products are designed take into account condensate formation. For this, special materials and technologies are used to protect the graphic art from moisture.
  • Labels for sweets, baking and other desserts should cause "tasty" associations. For this, all sorts of finishing and various shapes of labels are used.
  • For soft drinks the bright name and "natural background" prevail in the labels design.