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One of the most important branches of the modern development of society are the chemical and petrochemical industries.

The chemical industry has a leading position in accelerating scientific and technological progress, increasing the efficiency of social production. Products of the chemical and petrochemical industry are used practically in all branches of the national economy: in machine building, construction, agriculture, and also in everyday life. Every year, the consumption and range of products of the petrochemical industry is increasing. Requirements for the outer appearance of the packaging of products are constantly increasing.

Labels for petrochemical products must have the following properties:

  • To withstand the attack external environment and liquids.
  • To suit for tare of complex shapes and materials including non-polar ones.
  • Resistant to the effects of UV radiation, large temperature changes, high humidity, corrosive medium (oil, paint, acid, alkali and other chemicals).
  • To possess the protective properties from falsification
  • It can contain large volumes of well-read text with detailed information about the product, its properties and qualities.
  • Do not lose the outer appearance for long periods

Possessing the most modern printing technologies, our printing company allows producing labels that meet all of the above requirements.